Our hardware utilise only the best quality.


Steel 7-ball bearing rollers are noisy and require frequent lubrication. Acetate rollers become noisy here at the coast. Nylon wheels are much quieter and do not require lubrication. Our garage doors use 10-bearing, nylon-coated steel rollers.


We only use our own specification 316 stainless steel lifting cables which are perfect for our coastal conditions.

Sectional Garage Door Requirements

Sectional Garage doors require a minimum of 400mm of space between the top of the door opening and the lowest point of the ceiling. The use of low headroom track system can be used allowing as little as 250mm.

Door Locks/Padlocks.


If you have automation, we do not recommend the fitting of door locks. The Automation acts as the lock. If one member of the family locks the door and another person tries to use the automation to open it, it will result in damage to the door and/or the opener.  If going on Holiday, and you want to use the locks, make sure they are inside the garage where they can not be tampered with, and leave your remotes in the garage so you can't  use them by mistake. Or if available, use the lock facility on the Wall Switch. (As fitted to the ET DC Blue Advanced & Digidoor 2 & 3 products.)

Aluminium Sectional Door available in White Bronze, Grey and Simulated Wood.

We no longer offer wood doors as part of our range due to the quality of available wood.

Simulated wood aluminium
Aluzinc Doors
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Bronze Aluminium Doors
Charcoal Aluminium Door
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Simulated wood aluminium
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