Absolutely! Sectional garage doors are significantly more secure than Tip-up garage doors. This is because the sides of a sectional door are behind the opening, making it extremely difficult to force open.

Our hardware utilise only the best quality.


Steel 7-ball bearing rollers are noisy and require frequent lubrication. Acetate rollers become noisy here at the coast. Nylon wheels are much quieter and do not require lubrication. Our garage doors use 10-bearing, nylon-coated steel rollers.


We only use our own specification 316 stainless steel lifting cables which are perfect for our coastal conditions.

Sectional Garage doors require a minimum of 400mm of space between the top of the door opening and the lowest point of the ceiling. The use of low headroom track system can be used allowing as little as 250mm.

Door Locks/Padlocks.


If you have automation, we do not recommend the fitting of door locks. The Automation acts as the lock. If one member of the family locks the door and another person tries to use the automation to open it, it will result in damage to the door and/or the opener.  If going on Holiday, and you want to use the locks, make sure they are inside the garage where they can not be tampered with, and leave your remotes in the garage so you can't  use them by mistake. Or if available, use the lock facility on the Wall Switch. (As fitted to the ET DC Blue Advanced & Digidoor 2 & 3 products.)

What should you look for when buying a garage door?


When getting quotes for doors, make sure you are comparing fairly. There are a number of ways to make a cheaper garage door, none of which are to your advantage unless you are looking for a cheaper contractors quality door to last you for a year or two. Make sure you are getting good value for money as opposed to the cheapest price.


Look for the following - The quality of the panels, the quality of the springs, the quality of the hardware, are you getting a timber frame to protect the door from being scraped against the masonry. On a double door, how many springs are you getting, hopefully 2 as these will work back to back and prevent torque drifting of the door. How many top-hats? These are the ribs that give a double door its strength and integrity. We prefer a top-hat on each panel, so on a standard door that’s 5. Beware of doors with less than 3, especially those with 0. These are the doors that are guaranteed to be damaged within 18 months. The top panel must have a top-hat as this is where the automation is exerting the most force lifting the door each time. As the springs bed in, the weight of the door is focused on that top panel and buckling will occur. If you are in a particularly windy area and get the full force of the wind, it may even be worth getting extra top-hats as these are what gives the panels its strength to withstand the force against it and prevent the door being blown in.


Are the lifting cables used galvanised or stainless steel. If stainless steel are they 308 or 316. It will all dictate on how long it takes for corrosion to cause them to snap. We prefer 316 stainless steel fine weave as this should see the life of the springs (10,000 cycles which is typically 5 - 8 years of use) before needing replacement.


Springs are a critical component. Cheap springs only last 2 - 3 years. Our springs typically 8 - 10 years (depending on frequency of use and corrosion) They will need adjustment after an initial bedding in period, typically 6 months to a year and perhaps need adjusting again in another year. This is why annual servicing is so important as if left unattended, the springs will not be balancing the door correctly and the motor will be taking the full force.


You should be able to open a door by hand and have it stay where you let go of it. If its balanced, it will either stay in place, or gently slide closed. It should never crash down. If it does, it needs adjusting. It should be neutral in its entire travel up and down.


Make sure that the hinges, the side hinges especially are fastened with 6 fixings per hinge. This allows 1 fixing per hinge half to fail without there being a critical failure. Using only 4 rivets per hinge is asking for trouble as in most cases they are fixed into the slots that allow the panel to move around. Not a good thing.

Lastly, check up on the workmanship and experience of the installer. Ask around and see if  someone has used the installer before. There are plenty of installers who are here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t be one of the statistics that get caught out. Make sure you are using a company who has their own installers and not using subcontract labour. Rarely is the work of these installers checked by the company owners.

We Strongly recommend that you do not accept Double Sectional garage doors that have been installed using ‘flap hinges’. This is a cheap, inefficient but quick and easy way to allow a door to work in a situation with low headroom. Usually used by those installers who either do not know how do make a double track work, or who has not quoted correctly to allow the extra materials to make up a double track system. The top panel is not fixed in place but floats. It relies on the motor to push the panel into place, it also requires that the door is set up unbalanced as gravity is needed to pull the door down. This all results in extra stress in the door and the motor. Insist that a ‘Double Track’ system is employed. This allows the door to be set up correctly balanced and completely controlled in its entire travel.

Aluzinc Sectional Door available in

White (Shown), Brown, Bronze &

Atlantic Beach Grey.


Aluminium Sectional Door available in White (Shown) Bronze and Grey

We no longer offer wood doors as part of our range due to the quality of available wood.

Simulated wood aluminium doors
Bronze Aluminium Doors
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