Good Bye Digidoors faithful old motors. - April 2019 - Alas and Alak! The END of another South African Institution. Hydrodoors, the manufactures of the Great Digidoor II for over 30 years and the more recent Digidoor III & IQ motors has been sold to Swartland and as a result their range of locally manufactured motors has been dropped in favour of its more popular and cheaper to produce imported Digi one and rumoured Digi 6 (A new light duty motor for single doors, the 6 denoting 600 nm motor which is no match for the great 1/3 horsepower of the Digi II). Gone after 30 years is the last of the South African Manufactured motors and worse still, gone is the last of he NON-Battery Back-up motors. No more robust, tenant proof, donkey pulling ability, 20 year life span motors.


If you happen to have one of the seriously heavy old wood doors, or a door that enjoys more than its fair share of use popping up and down like a fiddles elbow, sorry for you, you are now going to have to put up with the range of motors available that, while they have the battery back up convenience to match our current inability to keep up with electricity demands, will also give you a limited gearbox life as the tiny bronze gears are unlikely to give you the same sort of reliable life even if you keep your door in tip top balance which most home owners forget to do.


New Thicker South African Aluminium door panels - 2017

We have decided that instead of competing with the cheaper inferior imported aluminium doors, we have gone the opposite way and will offer another quality of panel as well as our normal locally sourced and powder coated panel which is already better than the other offerings with superior aluminium quality as well as better quality of powder coating. We are now offering a thicker and larger slat panel as well as our standard local panels. No cheap imports here.


Aluminium Sectional Garage Doors

Aluminium Garage Doors have proved to be a real hit as part of our garage door line up. This is a quality product for both the quality conscious home owner, and for sites experiencing high corrosion. Powder coated in White, Bronze and Grey and new for June 2014 - Simulated wood.


Stainless Steel Sectional Cables

To combat the ravages of  Coastal conditions, we  offer Stainless Steel sectional door cables. In the past, home owners have had no option but to suffer the damage and inconvenience caused by broken rusted, galvanised cables. This offers an extended life span. - June 2014 - Now upgraded to 316 stainless steel fine weave.


Ball Bearing Hinges For Double Tip-up Doors.

We are finding that double door tip-up hinges are lasting only a year or two before the bearings are collapsing. We are having our hinges manufactured using an inner and an outer hardened steel ball bearing pivots. These hinges should easily outlast the cheaper hinges giving probably twice the life span or more.  We have also expanded this range to include 8ft & 9ft hinges as well.


Galvanised Steel Styles

We have been offering galvanised steel styles for the past 10 years to replace the other weak point on double tip-up doors, the timber verticals that hold the door to the wall. They say that we should be flattered, but we have noticed another ‘cheaper’ company using a poorly designed product similar to ours. (Shudder!)

Problem is that they are using a much lighter gauge steel. This can only end in tears as there is not a margin for safety. We have been called in to attend to the hinge bolts having pulled through the steel and the door collapsing.  Be sure to check what  quality you are getting when getting prices.


Latest News -(April 2019)


Fair well to Coroma,  Pro-alpha and Wispeco garage doors. The longest surviving garage door companies in South Africa. They have been some of the most respected garage door companies and supplied a large majority of homes.

They will leave a large hole in the garage door market and leave a lot of home owners with no source of spares.