Not enough  Customers are aware of the importance of the preventative maintenance requirements of domestic garage doors and operators!


Would they drive their cars for a year or more without as much as an oil change? I don’t think so! But their hard working door and operator is probably cycled four to ten times a day without the need to open the bonnet and check the oil,  as with a motor car! The man in the street has realized a long time ago that if he doesn’t service his vehicle regularly, it will stop moving, or even worse, not stop moving when required to do so!


We often receive calls like - ‘Oh, it’s an emergency, it’s raining and windy now and my door stopped working”. Meanwhile, it has been giving problems all through the summer, but was not considered a real problem until the onset of the inclement weather.


Customers, are just not informed of  the very real need to maintain their garage doors and equipment. Should they wait until a spring collapses, and the door is seriously damaged, or worse still, a member of the family is injured!


Customers are the laymen. All they know  is they press a thingamajig (remote) and anything up to 250kgs creaks and groans up and down.

Be Informed, Pass the word along it could save a life.

Family files suit in boy's garage door death


A young boy was outside playing with his brother Saturday evening when the 6-year old became trapped by a garage door. Their mother rushed outside and tried to perform CPR.


"I keep having flashbacks of seeing my son after we turned him over and his face was blue and his eyes were fixed and dilated," said his mother.


The family were staying temporarily at a family members house while their house was under construction.


The couple has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her brother; the owner of the property, The Door Company, which is believed to have installed the door; and the manufacturer of the door.



We would like everyone to be informed about the dangers that exist with garage doors and make sure that all safety devices are in working order and tested regularly. Also to ensure that any repairs necessary are done by a professional.

Excerpts from Newspaper articles. (Shortened)

Police are investigating the death of a 33-year-old woman who was apparently crushed by her garage door.


The medical examiner's office identified the remains.


Police were called to the scene at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday and found the door on The womans neck.


The Woman was pronounced dead at 8 a.m.


Authorities are conducting a death investigation.


Family members say the garage door had been broken and believe she had parked her vehicle inside the garage before trying to lower it manually.



1996 - the estimated 8,530 finger injuries associated with garage doors included 190 amputations, 1,000 crushing injuries and 1,400 fractures.


Also in 1996, an estimated 1,150 injuries were associated with garage door springs.



The result of worn-out tip-up door hinges. Regular servicing would have picked this up a year or more in advance.

Sixty children under the age of 14 have been trapped and killed under automatic garage doors since March 1982


The CPSC is aware of one death involving garage door springs.


There have been 1,959 persons, age 15 and older, injured in automatic garage door related incidents


In the late ‘80s there were more than 70 child deaths resulting from garage door entrapment